Predictive Pipeline Forecasting & Smart Lead Allocation

Sales forecasts and pipelines as reported by sales teams are subjective and driven by biases. This results in unpredictable revenue projections.  Our solution reduces biases by predictive analytics to sales pipelines and helps organizations execute decisive actions for improving sales performance.

Smart Sales PipelineR eliminates such biases by applying predictive analytics to sales pipelines and address two specific problems; Predicting which deals will be won in the current quarter (opportunity scoring), and predicting sales revenue (forecasting). This will help in a decisive action on the information on pipeline, goals, sales performance and marketing.

The solution offers different ways to analyze sales pipeline and forecasting by:

Solution Features:

  • Sales Rep Scoring – Analyze Sales Rep’s performance and understand his strength/ weakness in the sales process
  • Opportunity Scoring – Lead scoring model to quantify the viability of an opportunity
  • Smart Lead Allocation – Allocate suitable leads to each sales rep for increased efficiency
  • Pipeline Forecasting – Identify best sales rep to close the lead and monitor progress

Sales PipelineR provides functionality that supports discovery, diagnostic and prediction that enables the manipulation of parameters, measures, dimensions or figures as part of an analytic exercise.

Solution Advantages:

  • Accurately predicting future revenue
  • Understanding lead conversion ratios
  • Objectively coaching your team and analyzing its strengths & weaknesses
  • Implementing strategies to improve your team and your pipeline

Solution is useful for the following verticals/industries:

  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • E-commerce
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Telecom

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