Sales Analytics

Sales forecasts and funnel data as reported by sales and marketing teams are subjective and driven by biases. This results in unpredictable revenue projections. Our solution reduces biases by predictive analytics to sales forecasts and helps organizations execute decisive actions for improving sales performance.

Sales and Demand Forecasting

The ability to forecast the sales of a product will give a great advantage for an enterprise to structure its financial budgeting, manpower requirements, procurement; optimize inventory levels and plan sales & marketing efforts.

Our Solution features are:

Hybrid Forecasting: We consider both the Cross-sectional Predictions to leverage the market, customer and product behavior (micro) as well as Time series that considers seasonality and trends (macro)

Forecasting aggregations: We aggregate forecast at the various levels such as Periodicity (Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly) and Forecast rollups (by Product, Category, Brand, Department, Region).

Solution Advantages:

  • Accurately Forecast Sales and Demand
  • Understanding both market trends and anomalies
  • Identify stages of “Product life cycle” of any product
  • Self-adopting forecast models and algorithms

Marketing Analytics

Our Marketing Analytics has powerful models to effectively understand product/service positioning, market traction and help understand promotional effectiveness of a marketing channel. Our solution features are,

  • Campaign Effectiveness: Helps you acquire customers through identifying best channel mix. Our advanced attribution models help optimize marketing budgets.
  • Product Propensity: Helps you identify what product features are important for a customer in the sale. We integrated the customer behavioral aspects to product features which helps predict the likelihood of a certain type of customer to buy certain products.
  • Pricing Analysis: Helps you with dynamic pricing strategies and margin management in achieving twin goals of robust revenue a healthy profitability.

Solution Advantages:

  • Transparent attribution models that uncovers optimal campaign strategies and channel allocation.
  • Comprehensively understanding Customers preferences, product features and market trends.
  • Helps price leveraging by dynamically adapting price to the market conditions.

Sales Funnel Analysis

Sales expectations and pipelines as reported by sales teams are subjective and driven by biases. This results in unpredictable revenue projections.

Our Solution eliminates such biases by addressing two specific problems about the Sales Pipelines; Predicting which deals will be won in the current quarter (opportunity scoring), and predicting sales revenue (forecasting). This helps in a decisive action on the Sales goal setting, sales performance and marketing.

Our Solution features are:

Sales Lead Scoring – Analyze the Sales leads and prioritizes/scores by inferring cost/effort trade-offs for conversion.

Sales Rep Scoring – Analyze Sales Rep’s performance and understand his strength/ weakness in the sales process

Opportunity Scoring – Lead scoring model to quantify the viability of an opportunity

Smart Lead Allocation – Allocate suitable leads to each sales rep for increased efficiency

Pipeline Forecasting – Identify best sales rep to close the lead and monitor progress

Solution Advantages:

  • Accurately predicting future revenue
  • Understanding lead conversion ratios
  • Objectively coaching your team and analysing its strengths & weaknesses
  • Implementing strategies to improve your team and your pipeline

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