Call Center Analytics is part of our CXP (Customer eXperience Platform) that help organizations enrich customer interactions, improve business processes, and optimize their work forces to enhance loyalty, increase revenue, mitigate risk, and manage operational costs.

With the advent of multi-channel interactions, customers are increasingly choosing to engage via text-based channels, such as web chat, email, and social media besides Voice.  Analyzing these interactions can give deeper insight into process, performance, and customer experience issues and opportunities within your organization and take action quickly. Since customers are now multi-channel, customer analytics should also be multi-channel.

Call Center Analytics can mine intelligence from thousands of recorded calls/chats essential for pinpointing cost drivers, trends, and opportunities; identifying strengths and weaknesses with processes and products; and understanding how your offerings are perceived by the marketplace.

Performance Analysis of the Call center

We process thousands of unstructured data rapidly. The solution offers insight into customer sentiment and can reveal issues that demand immediate attention, as well as uncover latent risk. It can help you understand customer attitudes and preferences toward your organization, products, services, processes. It can even help you manage regulatory and policy compliance by revealing adherence to internal policies, and flagging suspicious interactions for review.

We could process 100 percent of calls — a benefit for compliance scenarios.  The solution can categorize call content accurately, including accents, dialects, and slang, and can be customized to accommodate specialized words, such as industry/client specific terminology.

Identify Key Themes

Using advanced text categorizations, themes can be discovered, we can group discussion topics and conversational relationships together without users having to predefine them. This solution can discover group words that are contextually related.

Our solution can continually refine and add new themes over time.  It can help you stay on top of customer perceptions and what’s being communicated during interactions. By understanding what dissatisfies and delights customers, your organization can improve the overall customer experience.


  • Ease of use/configuration/maintenance
  • Integration with third-party applications – like LivePerson, Salesforce etc.,
  • Call/Speech analysis capabilities including searches and queries by keyword, phrase, or business category
  • Text Analytics Capabilities – Theme detection, Document categorization, Stop word tagging and alerting
  • Emotion detection/sentiment analysis capabilities
  • Ability to conduct Automated root cause analysis
  • Ability to conduct discovery and surface previously unknown issues – new and breaking trends
  • Ability to correlate seemingly unrelated issues
  • Provide Key metrics about customer effort, handle time, agent/customer response times, and the number of messages required to resolve an issue
  • Real-time capabilities
  • Extensive Reports and Dashboards
  • Ability to support analytics-enabled quality assurance processes
  • Ability to improve quality and agent coaching

  • Helps drive operational efficiency and reduce costs by analyzing the context of text-based conversations against key operational metrics.
  • Helps reduce the time and resources needed to analyze text-based customer feedback while rapidly surfacing customer and business issues and opportunities.
  • Drives compliance by quickly revealing regulatory breaches and failure to adhere to internal policies.
  • Serves as an early warning system to identify issues before they escalate and impact a large number of customers
  • Helps you optimize customer engagement and service strategies by revealing trends, opportunities, potential issues, and the root cause of customer perceptions so that you can take action quickly.
  • Help organizations capture, analyze, and act on the complete voice of the customer and the employee across different channels of interaction.

Speech Analytics Solution

The data science solution processes customer communication channels like voice and text to decipher sentiments and mood of the conversation in a customer service call. The analysis is processed in real time through continuous tracking, which gives service centers the ability to deliver superior customer engagement and handle critical situations at the right time to mitigate attrition and escalations. This solution can also work on archived call recordings.

Our Audio processing supports conversational analytics and can separate interactions into agent and customer streams. This enables understanding of agents’ propensity, so you can hone in on the knowledge, behavior, and emotions.

Identifying common customer pain points and understanding consumer behavior is simplified with speech analytics solution.  MongoDB technology is leveraged for developing the core data analysis and as a predictive engine.

Solution Features

  • Real-time Mood Analysis – Analyze mood of the customer in a conversation (Emotions with a pre-defined time slices)
  • Agent Rep Scoring – Agent will be scored to enhance the transparency and consistency of quality assurance practices with Customer
  • Voice Transcription – Converts voice to text using Statistical machine translation techniques and Sentiment of the customer (Meaning)
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