Mobility & IoT

Mobility and Connected Devices

Connected devices, mobile payments, sensor technology, mobilizing the Internet of Things, an app for everything… Mobility is at the heart of the digital world. We offer a broad range of end-to-end capabilities and solutions across mobility strategy, mobile application development, testing, the Internet of Things & connected devices and embedded software. Our end-to-end Mobility capabilities include:

Mobility Solutions
Corporate Mobility Solutions
Mobilizing ERP - Oracle EBS, SAP
Mobile Marketing Solutions
Track and Trace Solutions
Field data acquisition solutions
Healthcare Billing & Dashboards
Restaurant POS & ordering solutions
Connected Devices
GUI and applications for connected devices
Rich interfaces for hardware performance & capability demonstration
Device management from cloud
Field Service/Delivery
IoT Solution accelerators
Mobile Testing
Application UI and Functional testing
End-to-End Test Automation Suites
Manual testing over 30 devices
iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry

We leverage the following products and frameworks to build our mobility solutions: