BI and Big Data Analytics

We specialize in high-level architecture, platform, and design consulting for a large-scale data Processing, transformational BI and Analytics. Our Custom analytical services help in building systems that are performant, efficient data management and maintenance of the cluster infrastructure that optimally utilizes a given computing environment. We have expertise in mapping business problems to technical solutions that ensure Business value attainment. Following are our service offerings:

Data Acquisition
Data Sourcing
Data Integration
Data Standardization
Data Migration
Data Warehousing
Data Warehouse & Data marts
Master Data Management
Data Management
Data Quality
BI and Analytics
Executive Dashboards and KPIs
Multi-Dimensional Analysis
Standard and Ad-Hoc reporting
BI Rationalization

Data Acquisition:

Data acquisition identifies and ingests data sources – both internal and external, in real-time or batch, either structured or unstructured. Different methods of pull and poll methods, synchronous/asynchronous data transfer mechanisms are utilized in this phase. The following are our service areas:

Data Sourcing: Managing data sourcing has become challenging due to the explosion in the varieties of Data Sources. We have the ability to handle Streaming or Log Data, Machine or Sensor data, Harvest Web content utilizing variety of scrapping/crawling and search and develop/utilize Data APIs to subscribe and insert from other data service providers

Data Integration and Transformation: We develop not only highly performant ETL, data virtualization, data wrangling and Munging involving desperate source systems to provide a unified and consistent view of enterprise data assets.

Data Standardization: We provide the services for cleansing, normalizing, standardizing and enriching a messy data. This includes Data Profiling, Cleansing, Deduplication and Enrichment. In addition, we provide data wrangling services like merging, transform Data Structures/types, Parse, missing value imputation, cast and melt, aggregation.

Data Migration: We can strategize, build and migrate either storage and data migration with minimally invasive cut-overs. This includes Datamart and system rationalizations.

Data Warehousing:

Data warehousing allows for answering questions across enterprise functions. We perform Evaluation, Assessment and Diagnostics of the current DW landscape, provide Solution Architecture and Design, conduct performance assessments and create improvement roadmap, assess the Technology Architecture (Loosely coupled systems, Data Appliance or Cloud). Oue service areas are:

Data Warehousing: Build and deploy high performant, high quality data structures that could yield decisions by integrating data from many Internal/External transactional systems. In the emerging architecture, we could integrate/enrich data from public domains.

Master Data Management: Reference data proliferation within an enterprise results in inconsistent performance measurements. We have capability to create data hubs for master entities and processes to synchronize changes to the master data.

Data Management: Our approach to Data management comes with a realization that Data is the new oil. We have experts who helps with managing and maintaining large databases and ensure their security, integrity and performance.

Data Migration: We evolved best practices around Data Governance, tools and techniques for ensuring Data quality. We ensure Accuracy, Completeness, recency, relevance, Consistency across data sources, Reliability and accessibility of Data

BI and Analytics:

Business Intelligence and Analytics supports decision making in an enterprise through providing quantitative measures on business processes.  BI tools often source the data from data warehouses and any other reliable data source. In the increasing proliferation of analytics, data lakes are emerging and increasingly adopted.

Dashboards and KPIs: A Dashboard is rich in Visual representation of the key performance indicators (KPIs) that decision makes use to manage, collaborate with other functions and efficiently run their functions. We help implement appealing, crisp dashboards that helps decision makes in planning and improving business processes.

Multi-dimensional analyses: We help in developing multi-dimensional OLAP data sources that will enable Roll-ups and drill downs as well as Slice and dice of various measures in an enterprise.

Reporting: We implement self-service, end-to-end bi reporting. We help turn your business into a data-driven enterprise with interactive reporting with filters, dynamic visualizations, self-service BI that has quick turn-around.

BI Rationalization: With time, static reports gets proliferated, some reports gets dated and some data assets loses their relevance. We identify the non-performing assets and retire them from the eco-system so that the most relevant information is available at any point of time.

Tools and Technologies:

We leverage the following tools and technologies related to BI and Big Data in implementing the solutions.