Cappius understands the importance and necessity to adopt digital technology for enterprises to stay ahead of the curve. Our digital services stack enables businesses to strategize, build and leverage digital technologies with transformational benefits.

BI & Big Data Analytics

We provide business intelligence using large scale data processing and high performance computing by analyzing your data assets on premise or in cloud. We enhance operational efficiencies, improve productivity and help you achieve competitiveness.

Data Science Consulting

We bring comprehensive and quantitative approach to help you harness your data through Predictive Analytics. We provide actionable business insights by enabling user interaction, exploration and discovery.

Enterprise Applications

We develop performant, secure and scalable enterprise applications using full stack leveraging the cloud infrastructure. We provide on demand access to information via various channels such as Mobile, Web and API.

MongoDB Consulting

Cappius provides Reseller, Consulting, Solution development, Big Data System Integration and CoE services.

RapidMiner Consulting

Global RapidMiner Consulting Partner, helping enterprises implement predictive analytics to achieve competitive advantage by utilizing rich assets of data transformation and cleansing, machine learning, text mining, scoring engine and third-party visualization.

Mobility & IoT

Cappius delivers unique Mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions & Services by leveraging the latest native & hybrid mobile technologies.

ECM, Portals & Collaboration

We provide Enterprise Content Management advisory, design, implementation and maintenance services, along with Portal & Collaboration expertise.