Our Consulting offering comes with expertise in mapping business problems to technical solutions that ensure Business value attainment. We specialize in high level architecture, platform and design consulting for a large scale data Processing, transformational BI and Analytics.

Our System Integration Services focus on building custom analytical systems that are performant, efficient data management and maintenance of the cluster infrastructure that optimally utilizes a given computing environment.

Business Intelligence


We have expertise to implement BI solutions leveraging the following technologies.

Our Practice Areas

Big Data – Enterprises are deluged with data irrespective of the industry sector-from health care and financial services to retail and manufacturing. In this voluminous data, lie business insights, opportunities and potential success drivers. Leveraging this Data is a daunting task. We understand challenge part is combining everything and making sense out of it. We also are cognizant of the competitive advantage this data can yield. Our competencies lie in Relational Databases, Non-relational systems like NoSQL databases and large scale processing systems as listed below.BigData_Practice

Data Science – Data Science is about making sense of large amounts of messy data, using it to model and solve complex problems, and presenting the compelling solutions by “telling a story with data”. It draws up skills and knowledge from different disciplines – Data engineering, math and statistics, modeling and programming, visualization – aided by deep domain expertise. We have ability to put together a full-stack Data Science team leveraging the following technologies.DataScience_Practice

Data Visualization – As more and more data is collected and analyzed, decision makers at all levels require data visualization software that enables them to see analytical results presented visually, find relevance among the millions of variables, communicate concepts and hypotheses to others, and even predict the future. We have leveraged the following technologies and products.DataVisualization_Practice

Big Data Reference Architecture

For most of our solutions, we use variations of Big Data reference architecture. Understanding the high level view of this reference architecture provides a good background for understanding Big Data and how it complements existing analytics, BI, databases and systems. This architecture is not a fixed, one-size-fits-all approach. Each component of the architecture has at least several alternatives with its own advantages and disadvantages for a particular workload.

For example,

  • Distributed storage and processing (Hadoop and MapReduce)
  • Low latency non-relational database ( MongoDB, Cassandra, Riak)
  • Streams and complex event processing (Flume, Splunk, Sumologic)
  • Specialty data types (MarkLogic, Neo4j, FlockDB)
  • In-memory DB and processing ( VoltDB, SAP HANA, QlikView)
  • Analytics DB and appliances (Netezza, Teradata, Greemplum)

Our customers often start with a subset of the patterns in this architecture, and as they realize value for gaining insight to key business outcomes they expand the breadth of use.


Advanced Analytics Solution Themes

Over time, we have abstracted our core skills in Analysis, Visualization, and Data Management into various layers of our competency framework. Our team is well grounded with the core analytical skills such as Data Analysis and Machine learning and forms the basis for generic building blocks of analytical themes such as segmentation, forecasting and prediction.

We have also developed an appreciation for the applicability of various algorithms, their performing characteristics in solving various use cases in different domains. The experience working on various use cases lead us to the realization that a few core “Actions” could provide and address most of the “Solution themes”. Many of the commonly occurring problems in Business could be strategically utilized by templatizing these solution themes.


Center of Excellence (CoE)

Our CoE offering is unique in terms of sharing our years of expertise working in the Big Data Analytics field. We would put our experience to benefit nascent big data practices ramp up quickly on the Big Data journey or establish a captive CoEs.

Analytics is a “business capability” that can deliver high performance and increase competitiveness. For those IT leaders, who have traditionally used to managing IT as a cost function, there is an immediate need for corrective action and do a catch up by means of establishing CoEs and thus “leap frogging’ their journey in analytics. They have a unique opportunity to the benefit of adopting state of the art architectures rather then re-architecting archaic BI/Analytical architectures that existed. For those who have lagged behind can take hear from the fact that we no longer have to experiment with “what works” or “what doesn’t work”; there is enough knowledge available that gives the direction on the best practices and methods from our numerous Big Data Analytics implementations across the globe.

We offer the following services via our CoE Labs:

  • Support Idea Incubation and develop PoCs
  • Support Solution accelerators that complement
  • Understand and drive adoption of new technology/tools
  • Create frameworks and toolkits
  • Create Analytical point solutions for industry/domain specific areas
  • Improve solutioning capability
  • Thought leadership