Retail & Consumer Goods

Every retailer has their vision of integrated analytics and insights ecosystem to be successful.  Very few are able to lead the pack in conceptualizing, designing and implementing them. Our offerings are designed to help retailers rethink, evolve and achieve their vision.

Our analytics help you to understand, predict and react to consumer behavior. We maximize the collaboration between data science and marketing/merchandising with cutting-edge solutions such as predictive analytics, self-service analytics, and data visualization.

Customer Lifetime Value

Our Solution features are:

Quantify Future Value

Predict the future value of a customer – even before she becomes one. Focus on valuable customers and optimize your revenue stream

Increase Margins

Adjust individual marketing spend based on the financial value each customer

Segment by Value

Align your customer experience management system with various segments

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Our Solution features are:

Increase Revenue (Up-sell)

Maximize your income and drive more individual customer purchases by recommending complementary products

Increase Margins (Cross-Sell)

Drive customers to products that yield a higher profit and help retain customers longer.

Drive Loyalty

Provide customers with relevant and timely information to ensure they remain satisfied

Propensity Analysis

Our Solution features are:

Increase Conversion

Identify customers with a high probability to respond to a campaign, to purchase your product or services

Optimize Product Recommendation

Optimize targeting through biography and affinity-tailored recommendations

Support Strategic Planning

Understand the customer-product segment matrix and be supported in adjusting go-to-market strategies


Our Solution features are:

  • Assortment Optimization
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Pricing Comparison and Competitiveness
  • Abandoned cart analysis (for online stores) 
  • Recommendations based on the user views or products
  • Placement and design Optimization
  • Relationship between product categories and customer segments
  • Demographics/Interest analysis
  • Forecasting products/trending by product categories


Our Solution features are:

  • Location based Marketing
  • In store behavior
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Analysis and Promotions
  • Campaign (offers and discounts, promotions) effectiveness by geo-locations, segments
  • Enhancing the multi channel consumer experience