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9 Fascinating Reasons to choose MEAN stack

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In software development terms, “Stack” is a combination of different software products and programming languages to create web or mobile applications. Now-a-days, software firms are implementing the strategy of using a combination of various technologies to enable faster and more dynamic web development process. For instance, LAMP (software bundle), which is an acronym for Linux… Read more »

Know Your Audience – Craft A Customer Persona

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Know Your Audience

“Who is my customer?” – Is the first and foremost question every business is looking to get answered. One of the toughest challenges that marketers face is understanding who is in your database, how your contacts are different and then deciding how to best market to them. The key to any successful marketing starts with… Read more »

An Introduction to Outliers

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An introduction to Outliers

What are Outliers? Outliers are a very important aspect of Data Analysis. This has many applications in determining fraud and potential new trends in the market. In purely statistical sense, an outlier is an observation point that is distant from other observations. The probably first definition was given by Grubbs in 1969 as “An outlying… Read more »

Identify your most profitable customers using Customer Lifetime Value

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Customer life time value

Businesses are built around Customers. Understanding customer value is by far the most important thing that impacts its viability and sustainability. Customer lifetime value(CLV) gives an understanding of how profitable a customer will be throughout his journey with the business. Therefore, modelling CLV becomes one of the most critical and challenging problem. Businesses can easily… Read more »

Cappius at HYSEA Summit, Hyderabad

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On March 23rd 2017, Cappius was selected to showcase its “Customer Insight” Platform at the HYSEA 2017 Summit in Hyderabad, India. It was quite an event, filled with great exhibition booths and presentations. Our team enjoyed the summit and solved many queries on data science and how it can digitally transform an enterprise. The Cappius… Read more »

Mining the CRM Data for Customer Segmentation & Customer Knowledge

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Customer Segmentation

A business cannot survive without conducting ongoing efforts to better understand customer needs to deliver a product/service with a meaningful and compelling value proposition. In this hyper-technological world, the Customers are more informed, have more options, and have higher expectations than ever before. Hence, the more you know about your customers, the more effective your… Read more »

Can Machines Predict Sales?

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can machines predict sales

In any CRM system, when an opportunity is first created, it is hard to estimate the probability of winning, based on the initial data and limited prospecting. The prediction accuracy improves as the deal progresses through various stages of the sales process. It is also challenging to predict estimated time to close a deal. However,… Read more »

Customers – Understand and Engage them!

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customer engagement

“The easiest way to grow your customers is not to lose them” is a conventional business wisdom. This hypothesis is validated and re-validated by several studies. Customer retention is how well the customers STAY and STAY ENGAGED with the organization or with specific products and services. Managing the customer retention rate is an incredibly important… Read more »

Evolving HR Policies in Growing Startups

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HR Policies

A startup is an experiment set out to turn a novel idea into a commercial success. But, its very nature, the teams are small and people are risk-taking, creative and hardworking people.  A successful startup can very quickly have to transform into a big enterprise. Irrespective of the size of the team, the function of… Read more »

Marketing Campaigns Leveraging Segmentation

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Marketing Campaigns

There are two key goals for a successful customer segmentation strategy. The first is having the insight into your customer data (by segmenting customers) and the second is having the ability to use these segments to power marketing campaigns. Customer segmentation should translate into outcome driven actions for marketing. We know that repeat customers are the… Read more »