About us

We help global customers with Digital Business Transformation by offering products and services using BI & Big Data Analytics, Data Science and Enterprise Applications. With our innovative solutions like Customer Insights, Sales Analytics and Service Center Analytics we provide you actionable insights for effective customer acquisition, engagement and retention.

Some of the things that we can help you with are as follows –

  • BI & Big Data Analytics: We provide business intelligence using large scale data processing and high performance computing by analyzing your data assets on premise or in cloud. We enhance operational efficiencies, improve productivity and help you achieve competitiveness.
  • Data Science: We bring comprehensive and quantitative approach to help you harness your data through Predictive Analytics. We provide actionable business insights by enabling user interaction, exploration and discovery.
  • Enterprise Applications: We develop performant, secure and scalable enterprise applications using full stack leveraging the cloud infrastructure. We provide on demand access to information via various channels such as Mobile, Web and API.

Having lived in the digital technology world ever since the 1990’s, we have the experience, the know-how as well as the team to take the customers into the digital world. Whether you call it website or customer insights or digitization, the phenomenon of providing digital experience to the customers is already happening. Let us help you in this journey to transform your organization into a digital world using tools, technologies and processes that we are sure will work.